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March 18, 2020

Facilities Closed – but School Continues!

Dear SCS Community,

As the leadership team continues to work over the next week to develop a transition plan toward online learning, I want to make sure I keep you as up to date as possible. But more importantly I want to assure you that as we make this transition, we are thinking deeply about how the ‘what’ of our learning is fulfilling the ‘why’ of our learning.

That means we are focusing on ensuring we continue to work towards making our mission statement a reality. In this period of transition, we will strive to continue to Educate for Wholeness by Engaging God’s World in the Servant Way of Jesus. As we launch our programming for our students, we want to be faithful to being a distinctively Christian school as we believe that to be. To that end, we covet your prayers toward giving us wisdom, insight and imagination in our planning and preparation.

We will continue to work hard to provide high quality Christian Education for all our students via a digital/online platform.

While our facilities will be closed our schooling will continue!

  • Our Learning Leadership team and Educational Support Services team are working now to develop those programs.
  • We will ‘meet’ with all staff on March 30th and March 31st to pull together these plans and ensure staff are fully prepared for implementation with our expected launch date of April 1st.


Parents of students in our early learning programs will hear directly from our Director of Early Learning regarding those programs.

I would also invite each one of us to find ways to creatively support each other. We may need to experience a greater sense of physical isolation but I hope we can reach out to each other to minimize social isolation. Some of our families will find this an inconvenience while others will find it a significant hardship. Let’s collectively commit to praying for and supporting each other as a community.

Pressing forward,
Dave Loewen, Superintendent