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Educating for Wholeness by Engaging God’s World in the Servant Way of Jesus

Surrey Christian School is a dynamic, Independent school with a rich history of Christian education that challenges students to become fully alive in God’s story.

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Learning Stories

Storyline: Mosaic Tree

We’re beginning a series of videos on the different ways teachers introduce ‘storyline’. Teachers use the language of storyline as a theme that runs through each class, “connecting learners and learning to God’s story.” This video shows an example from grade 4: ‘Mosaic’.

Storyline: Gifted to Give

This Storyline video shows a grade 2 teacher, Mrs. Smith, introducing their storyline in the first week of school: ‘Gifted to Give.’

FLEx: Cloverdale Community Kitchen

Educating for Wholeness using Formational Learning Experiences (FLEx). We use FLEx to engage in “real work that meets a real need for real people.” Ms. Vander Heiden’s students (along with other classes) have been engaging ‘real people’ at the Cloverdale Community Kitchen for many years in a variety of ways.

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Places and Spaces Capital Campaign

Create new spaces to learn and new places to park.

We look to you once again as we move into phase 2 with our Places and Spaces capital campaign.

December 10, 2021

Advent Season Traditions

Every morning I’d wonder, was the small chocolate going to be a wreath, a snowman, a candy cane? Either way, it was a fun break from my otherwise typical morning breakfast routine.

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