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Educating for Wholeness by Engaging God’s World in the Servant Way of Jesus

Surrey Christian School is a dynamic, Independent school with a rich history of Christian education that challenges students to become fully alive in God’s story.

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Making Old Things New

Siena, a grade 12 student, has been repairing a motorcycle that has been sitting unused for decades. Now that the bike is finished, it has been donated to Canada Foodgrains Bank for their annual auction – an organization that works to end global hunger.

Outdoor Fridays with Kindergarten

Every Friday our kindergarten classes head to one of Surrey’s beautiful parks for their learning. This is one of the way we are “Engaging God’s World” at Surrey Christian School!

Justin Kropp: A Graduate Story

Justin Kropp, an alum from 2014, speaks about his experience being a student at at Surrey Christian School.

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Places and Spaces Capital Campaign

Create new spaces to learn and new places to park.

We look to you once again as we move into phase 2 with our Places and Spaces capital campaign.

October 10, 2022

What makes Surrey Christian School unique?

One of the most important jobs as a parent is choosing the right school for your child. My husband and I wanted our daughter, Janan, to receive the strong foundation of Christian education, but our question was where? How could we decide? I visited a few schools with excellent reputations, but something held us back. So why did we choose Surrey Christian School?