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Surrey Christian School strives to provide a competitive tuition structure balancing the needs of our community with our financial obligations of providing an excellent education.

Tuition is reviewed annually to ensure we are continuing to provide an excellent education at an affordable price. A portion of your tuition is treated as a donation by CRA. A tax receipt will be issued in February each year based on tuition paid and the number of children enrolled at the school.

We encourage families (as space permits) to send all of their children to Surrey Christian School.  To support this core value, we provide multi-child families with tuition discounts of 30%-50% embedded in our family tuition grid (see below).

There is an early payment discount of 1.5% if the full amount of tuition is paid on August 1.  Tuition can be paid over 10 or 12 months on the first day of each month. For the 12 month option, tuition begins in July until June. For the 10 month option, August until May.

Included in the tuition fees below:

  • All school supplies are provided by the school for Kindergarten to Grade 7.
  • Field trips for K – 7 are included (this excludes overnight trips for Grade 6 & 7).
  • A hard copy bible is gifted to students entering Grade 4.
  • Most course supplies are included for Grade 8 – 12.
  • The school subsidizes the following: more than half of the cost of the bus service, personal computing device, and the Grade 8 trip.
  • No yearly re-enrollment fees.

To determine tuition applicable to your family, find the grade of your eldest child and follow it across to the column representing how many children you have in the school. Pay to a maximum of 3 children per family.

Tuition Fees
2023-2024 School Year 


    • 1 CHILD


    • 2 CHILDREN


    • 3 CHILDREN+


    • Monthly in 12


    • Monthly in 12


    • Monthly in 12


  • GRADES 6-8

    • 1 child


    • 2 children


    • 3 children +


    • Monthly in 12


    • Monthly in 12


    • Monthly in 12


  • GRADES 9-12

    • 1 child


    • 2 children


    • 3 children +


    • Monthly in 12


    • Monthly in 12


    • Monthly in 12



Additional Fees
1. A non-refundable application fee of $200 per family.
2. 10% of annual tuition as a non-refundable deposit payable 1 week after receiving an offer of acceptance letter.
3. For bus fees click here. Riding the school bus is optional.
4. Students entering grades 7-12 are required to have a personal computing device. The school provides a device at a discounted rate or students can bring their own.
5. There are some additional activity fees for Grades 6-12, which are listed in the application package.