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The board of the Surrey Christian School Society consists of seven or more persons elected by the Society. It in turn elects officers who serve as chair, vice chair, secretary and various other standing committee functions.

The board acts as the guardian of the vision and mission of the school society. Through the Superintendent they ensure the school’s day to day plans and activities fulfill the school’s mission and vision. Each board member serves a term of office for three years, and in most cases is expected to serve an additional three years. The school board’s duties include:

  • Determining school policies that fit with the school’s vision and mission.
  • Appointing and supervising the superintendent.
  • Ensuring the short term and long term financial sustainability of the school.
  • Advancing the cause of Christian education.


Our Governance Committee (a standing committee of the board) is charged with finding suitable candidates to fill vacancies on the board as they arise. They seek out committed Christians with specific gifts and abilities to maintain a diverse group of leaders who work together to guard the mission and vision of Surrey Christian School, and who at all times have the best interests of the school community in mind.

The basis of the School and the Society is the Bible as understood in the contemporary testimony “Our World Belongs to God”, a modern-day expression of the Christian faith published by the Christian Reformed Church. This testimony is embedded in the Society’s bylaws. For a deeper dive into the making and shaping of this testimony, click here.