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May 17, 2021

Salmon Send Off

We were happy and sad to release our 54 salmon fry to the Serpentine River in Tynehead Park yesterday. We loved having the salmon to raise and care for. We also loved seeing all the students who were interested in the salmon. Future biologists and ecologists!

You may have heard that we had a two headed little salmon. Many students wanted to know how it was doing and what we could do about it. It was alive when we placed it in the stream, but unfortunately it is unlikely to survive. It cannot swim, so it cannot fend for itself. We have to let nature take its course.

Part of the already and not yet nature of this world. But we praise God that we had this opportunity and that hopefully all students become better caretakers of this part of the world because of the experience.

Christina Antonides, Grade 7 teacher