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Fleetwood Campus

The Fleetwood Campus is home to approximately 650 students, and consists of a beautiful, modern, PreK to Grade 3 wing, and a Grade 4-7 intermediate wing.

It is home to two playgrounds, including one that is geared specifically towards primary students, and sits on a large piece of property that comprises of a full-sized soccer field, gaga ball pit, and forested area for students to play in and enjoy. We have an Outdoor Kindergarten and an Outdoor Grade 1 program, a large gymnasium, and a variety of extracurricular activities available in athletics, music, reading, writing, and leadership development. Grade 5-7 students meet two mornings a week in their cross-grade Crew groups where we build community and provide students with leadership development opportunities

“My deep hope is that the Fleetwood Campus is a calm and tranquil space that contrasts with an increasingly chaotic world – and that students have a sense of peace about their learning”

Tom Williams, Principal

Program Highlights

Falcons Athletics

The Falcons Athletics program involves 5 core values:
Respect | Commitment | Gratitude | Encouragement | Growth

These core values allow staff and coaches to get at the important work of educating for wholeness, where ‘process’ is emphasized. The intermediate students at Fleetwood Campus will have opportunities to participate in several extra-curricular sports.

  • Cross Country grade 4-7
  • Soccer grade 6-7
  • Tripleball (volleyball) grade 6-7
  • Basketball grade 6-7
  • Floor Hockey grade 6-7
  • Badminton grade 7
  • Ultimate grade 6-7
  • Track & Field grade 4-7
  • Softball grade 7


We also have opportunities for students in grade 4, 5, 6, 7 to be involved in development programs for soccer, volleyball and basketball. These programs are scheduled throughout the school year and run both inside and outside the regular weekly school schedule.


Fleetwood Campus Music
Our deep hope is that Surrey Christian School musicians embody wonder, creativity, craftsmanship and humility; sharing beauty through music for restoring God’s world.

Kindergarten – Grade 3 Music

SCS Fleetwood Campus Kindergarten through Grade 3 students become fully alive in God’s story as they engage in Orff-inspired musical learning, rooting their practice in collaborative play and joy-filled discovery. Primary musicians sing, move, and explore instrumentation that includes xylophones, Boomwhackers, and non- pitched percussion as we celebrate and share our deep hope of making a “joyful noise unto the Lord”.

Grades 4 – 7 Music

SCS Fleetwood campus grades 4-7 musicians become fully alive in God’s story as they engage in Modern Band to “Address the Mess” in their lives and in the world by creating beauty through music. Our musicians are empowered to share their music in the school community and beyond, doing real work that meets a real need for real people.

Through Modern Band, students learn to perform, improvise, and compose using the popular styles that they know and love including rock, pop, reggae, hip hop, R&B, other modern styles and worship music. Modern Band classes feature guitar, ukulele, bass, keyboard, drums, vocals, technology, and computers.

The Fleetwood Campus intermediate musicians have eight beautifully hand-crafted, locally made marimbas, one of which we made together with local marimba maker Barbara Durno. The marimba is an important part of the Shona people of Zimbabwe and is one of the best types of music in the world for developing musical ability in children.

Our grades 4-7 music classes feature a fusion of Modern Band and marimba: a sound that is unique to SCS Fleetwood Campus and inclusive of all learners.

Orchestra Ensemble
Orchestra Ensemble is an exciting extracurricular program to further develop and inspire our grades 4 to 7 students to share beauty through music for restoring God’s world. Under the direction of Ms. Yoanita Kartadihardja, the practices will be held at lunch or afterschool on Wednesdays at the Fleetwood Campus.

The Beginner Lunchtime Orchestra Ensemble is for students in grades 4-7 who would be new to their chosen instrument. Lessons will be on Wednesdays from 12:30-1:00 pm.

The Intermediate Afterschool Orchestra Ensemble is for students in grades 4-7 who have had at least one to two years of experience playing their chosen instrument. Lessons will be on Wednesdays afterschool 3:00-3:45 pm for the whole orchestra.

Every other week the woodwind/brass/percussion section stays until 4:15 pm, and on alternate weeks the strings section stays until 4:15 pm.

If you are interested in signing up for this extracurricular activity for the 2023-2024 school year, please REGISTER HERE and submit the fee. Lessons will begin on September 20, 2023.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Instructor Yoanita Kartadihjardha directly at

Outdoor Learning

From an early age, children are curious about nature. Being outside in nature can stimulate a child’s sense of wonder and discovery. Our outdoor education supports inquiry and play based learning. Our kindergarten and grade 1 students go outside 1 morning per week to local parks like: Godwin Park, Derby Reach, Tynehead Regional and Green Timbers. Our deep hope is to invite students to ignite their excitement and curiosity for the natural world. We have a great opportunity to immerse our children in the awesome creation that God has given us to take care of.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Physical Development: Outdoor learning through play develops motor skills, physical stamina and confidence while promoting fitness and health.

Social Development: Through play children improve confidence, social skills, communication, motivation and concentration as well as healthy and safe risk-taking.

Emotional Development: Through play in nature children develop creativity and a love of the outdoors. Children learn empathy and responsibility and begin to see themselves as Earth Keepers.

Cognitive Development: Through observation of the world around them students begin to explore, discover and reflect. Children develop flexible thinking and imagination.

Spiritual Development: Outdoors is the perfect location to show students the wonders of what God has created and develop a relationship with our creator.

Clubs & Programs

Writing Club

Students in grade 4-7 are invited to Learning Commons at lunch time every Thursday to learn and practice Creative Writing skills including poetry, graphic novel design, fiction, and non-fiction. Guest authors and voluntary sharing sessions with peer feedback are included.

Reading Link Challenge (Book club for Grades 4 and 5)

In partnership with public libraries and area public schools, students participate in a book club that culminates in a competition with teams of students who answer questions about the books. Builds reading comprehension skills and teamship skills.

Running Club

Running Club is an athletic program for Grade 4-7 students at the Fleetwood Campus. As running is the foundation for all sports, we strongly encourage students to participate. Running Club takes place during the fall season and culminates in the annual Christian Schools Cross Country Meet at Bear Creek Park. Participants must commit to a minimum of two practices per week which take place during lunch hour and after school (3:00 – 4:15 pm) primarily at Godwin Park adjacent to our school property. There is a specially designed running club t-shirt that can be purchased for $15.