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Cloverdale Campus

Our PreK-7 Cloverdale Campus currently has approximately 200 students and is situated in a spacious building on a beautiful 9-acre property.

For over 50 years the school was a ministry of the local Lutheran church and in 2017 it merged with Surrey Christian School to become our first satellite campus.

Whether the students are learning in the classroom, playing soccer or tag on the new synthetic turf field, visiting our friends at Zion Manor, or doing local field work in the community, our deep hope is that students are courageous participants in God’s unfolding story of redemption.



“Formational learning experiences are created for the purpose of shaping or forming our students into citizens of God’s kingdom”

Patti Thomas, Principal

Program Highlights

Falcons Athletics

The Falcons Athletics program involves 5 core values:

Respect | Commitment | Gratitude | Encouragement | Growth

These core values allow staff and coaches to get at the important work of educating for wholeness, where ‘process’ is emphasized.

Our Falcons Athletics program involves several different extra-curricular teams that compete in the Christian Elementary School Sports (CESS) association. Depending on the sport and season, these teams include either grade 4 – 7, grade 5 – 7, or grade 6 – 7 students. The sports that we compete in include:

  • Soccer
  • Cross Country
  • Tripleball (Volleyball)
  • Basketball
  • Floor Hockey
  • Track & Field
  • Softball
  • Intramurals (during recess)


The storyline for our robust preK-7 music program is “Instruments of Change,” and our Deep Hope is that students will experience joy as they discover and develop their unique God-given gifts for the purpose of bringing glory to Him, and for changing lives through music that they have created together.

Younger students learn the fundamental rudiments of music through playing pitched & non-pitched instruments, singing and action songs and musical games. Kindergarten to grade 2 students continue to learn about rhythm and musical notation while given opportunities to play hand bells, resonator bells, and a variety of Orff instruments. Grade 3 students begin the recorder and continue to discover note & rhythm reading.

Intermediate students continue to build on their musical background. Grade 4 students play hand chimes, bucket drumming and create their own instrument. Grade 5 students learn the ukulele and begin band in January. Grades 6 and 7 students continue with our band program.

An optional Vocal Ensemble is available for grade 3-7 students offering them the opportunity to sing and share the good news of Christ. The Vocal Ensemble sings at Willowbrook Mall, Zion Manor, school chapels, yearly concerts and other outreach opportunities.

All students are given opportunities to share their learning through musical presentations during the year.


SCStrings is a unique, extracurricular music program offered to SCS students that starts with the basics of learning a stringed instrument (violin or cello) and provides the opportunity to develop skills in an ensemble setting. Three orchestras at varying levels of difficulty comprise SCStrings including junior, intermediate and senior. The program teaches musical literacy, theory, technique and ensemble playing, all under the direction of Ms. Mylana Goheen. This program runs once a week after school for the entire school year and includes a minimum of two performances. All students are responsible to provide their own instruments; music is provided.

To register or to find out more about SCStrings, please don’t hesitate to contact Mylana Goheen at mgoheen@surreychristian.com

Outdoor Learning

From an early age, children are curious about nature. Being outside in nature can stimulate a child’s sense of wonder and discovery. Our outdoor education supports inquiry and play based learning. Our kindergarten students go outside 1 morning per week to local parks. Our deep hope is to invite students to ignite their excitement and curiosity for the natural world. We have a great opportunity to immerse our children in the awesome creation that God has given us to take care of.

Benefits of Outdoor Learning

Physical Development: Outdoor learning through play develops motor skills, physical stamina and confidence while promoting fitness and health.

Social Development: Through play children improve confidence, social skills, communication, motivation and concentration as well as healthy and safe risk-taking.

Emotional Development: Through play in nature children develop creativity and a love of the outdoors. Children learn empathy and responsibility and begin to see themselves as Earth Keepers.

Cognitive Development: Through observation of the world around them students begin to explore, discover and reflect. Children develop flexible thinking and imagination.

Spiritual Development: Outdoors is the perfect location to show students the wonders of what God has created and develop a relationship with our creator.