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The Surrey Christian School Chronicle

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Endings and Beginnings

It was June, 1986. I was four years old and living my best life: Eating popsicles, watching Sesame Street, playing hockey in our living room, and going to Expo with my grandparents. What I didn’t realize is that every June from then on would mark the end of a school year for me.


The Fruit of the Spirit in abundance

As a child one of the most common ways I was taught to memorize was through song. There was a “times tables” song, a “books of the Bible”song, a “stranger danger” song, and a variety of other melodies that taught me how to navigate life. There was no event or piece of information that was too big or too small to have a catchy song attached to it. I’ll be forever indebted to music for teaching me how to “shake my sillies out,” and to Raffi for teaching me when I’m supposed to brush my teeth.



One of the things I have come to realize since that time is the importance of people that God places in our lives who help us along on our journey.


And Yet

And yet, there are stories of people caring for each other in ways they might not otherwise have done.


Unbridled Joy

One of my deep hopes for Surrey Christian School is that it be a place filled with love and joy