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Knowing Who We Are

As I witness the political and religious conversations around me, I am increasingly saddened by the deep divisions that are coming to define us as Christians. It feels like our ability to engage in civil discourse and treat those with whom we disagree as people made in the image of God, is waning. I believe one issue that factors into our struggle to live in community with those who think differently than we do is that we forget who we are.


Back to School, Back to “Normal”?

If you had asked me a year ago if seeing kindergarten students and their parents arrive at school wearing masks would seem normal…


Practicing the Servant Way During COVID-19

I hope they see a community of people who reacted from a position of gratitude and generosity, and I hope they tie all of that to being a part of a community that seeks to engage God’s world in the servant way of Jesus.


Why Educating for Wholeness?

The goal is to humanize the content, to design a learning experience that engages a student’s heart alongside their mind.


What is our Definition of Human Flourishing?

We all have day-to-day habits and practices that often work at a subconscious level, that formulates the way we walk in this world.