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Hosting the Christian Deeper Learning Conference: An Act of Courage

Of the many traits that I admire about Surrey Christian School, I think our ‘culture of courage’ ranks among the highest for me. This ‘culture of courage’ existed long before my arrival at the school 9 years ago and was a primary reason that I desired to work at Surrey Christian School.


Nurturing Life Long Learners

Waaaaaaaaaay back when I was a student, it felt like school was a code that needed to be cracked—a game to be figured out with students and teachers as the players.  Like all games, there were rules that guided the players and strategies that led to success. So, without really knowing it at the time, I spent a lot of time figuring out how to play the game of school.


Thinking of the Whole Student

The purpose of the time together is to create a deep sense of belonging; all students are known, hear their name and receive the consistent message that we have important work to do that we cannot do without you.


Essential Services

And, it has become clear to us that our Educating for Wholeness essential services are grounded in the principles of care, connect, and purpose.


Becoming Fully Alive in God’s Story

One of the attractive aspects of this statement is that it speaks of the present, the right now, and not about our students’ future, after graduation.


Deeper Learning at Surrey Christian School

Deeper learning in Christian education provides a way to learn content and skills, and to develop the character of Christ through aligning the unique gifts of the learner with the deep needs of the world.